$200 Giveaway | Altverse Highway Pass NFT

Wame(formerly Altverse)
2 min readJul 31, 2023


🚀 Take Part in the Web3 Game Highway Pass Campaign 🚀 (ENDS ON AUGUST 11th!)

Ready for the ‘Web3 Game Highway Pass’? The Highway Pass is not just any pass. As a holder, you’re also on the fast track to the best rewards for the highest-quality Web3 games!

Around 10 days left (from this article’s publish time) to claim the NFT! Limited time to join the campaign!

Those who hold this pass will be privy to unique benefits and roles in our burgeoning platform! To make things even more thrilling, every Highway Pass holder is automatically entered into our exciting $200 raffle.

🏆20 lucky winners to nab a $10 prize. 💰

Joining the campaign is a breeze! Here’s what you need to do:

1) Join our Discord Community🎧: Engage with fellow gamers, get the latest updates, and be part of the Altverse community.

2) Join the Altverse Gate Campaign (to claim the free NFT and get entries into the $200 raffle)🕹️

🎁 This is your chance to blaze a trail in Web3 gaming. **DISTRIBUTION WILL TAKE PLACE ON AUGUST 18th



Wame(formerly Altverse)

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