Altverse Gate: Bridging Games and Gamers in Web3

Wame(formerly Altverse)
3 min readJul 10, 2023

Altverse is a user acquisition infrastructure operating in the Web3 space, specifically geared towards gaming companies and protocols.

Our core mission is to foster a secure and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem through the implementation of Decentralized Digital Identities (DID) with REAL users at the center of it.

With our recently launched Altverse Gate, we believe it’s a great tool to bridge the gap between Web3 users and the games/protocols that they love to play and use.

What Is Altverse Gate (

Altverse Gate is a hub for Web3 game companies and projects, allowing them to create tailored campaigns for Web3 users and gamers.

STFY Token rewards for Stella Fantasy!

Verified Web3 users can participate in these campaigns, complete quests (off and on-chain), and earn rewards! These rewards may include Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), tokens, airdrops, experience points in Altverse, and in-game bonuses.

For example, one of our latest campaigns uses a custom token reward using the Web3 game’s native token! It simplifies reward processes so that games don’t have to reward external or non-relevant tokens to their community.

This interactive platform is more than just a medium for gamers to earn rewards. It’s also a tool for users to construct and enhance their Decentralized Digital Identities (DID).

Gate Campaigns: Engaging Players, Enhancing DIDs

The campaigns on Altverse Gate are designed to be participatory and rewarding, providing real, verified Web3 users with a myriad of opportunities and ways to earn benefits in and off-platform.

These campaigns, created by Web3 game companies and projects, allow users to claim and earn rewards by participating in quests and tasks. The campaigns also serve as a means for users to build up their DID.

Every task completed and every quest undertaken contributes to a user’s DID within the Altverse ecosystem. This system gives users a sense of achievement and progression and provides a secure and reliable method for user verification within the Web3 gaming space.

Collaboration with Web3 Gaming Giants: Archeworld and More

Altverse has already onboarded one of the biggest names in the Web3 gaming space, such as Archeworld: a premier Web3 MMORPG, Stella Fantasy: a premium NFT collection game, and soon, many others.

This collaboration is beneficial for all parties involved. For Archeworld, Stella Fantasy, and many others, it means having access to a verified pool of active and engaged users.

For the users, it means the opportunity to engage with high-quality Web3 games, participate in unique campaigns, and earn valuable rewards.

The Path Ahead

Since its inception, Altverse has made significant strides in shaping a more reliable and user-centric Web3 gaming ecosystem and a digital identity infrastructure.

With the launch of Altverse Gate and its campaigns, along with partnerships with leading Web3 gaming companies, we are committed to our vision of providing a secure and rewarding platform for users and game developers alike.

We invite all gamers and Web3 enthusiasts to join us as we venture further into this exciting realm of opportunities.

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Wame(formerly Altverse)

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