Altverse: Identity Infrastructures For GameFi

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The GameFi space has shown significant potential in recent years, with innovative projects harnessing the power of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) to create unique gaming experiences.

Source: games report 2022 overview

However, the industry faces numerous challenges, including complicated onboarding experiences, a need for mass gamer adoption, and concerns over privacy and trust. Altverse, a decentralized digital identity protocol designed for Web3 games and gamers, aims to address these issues and revolutionize the gaming industry.

Simplifying Onboarding Experiences

One of the main challenges facing the GameFi space is the complicated onboarding process that often deters potential users. With the need to download wallets, purchase NFTs, and navigate complex tokenomics, the barrier to entry for new players can be daunting.

Altverse can simplify this onboarding experience by streamlining the process of creating a digital identity for gamers. By utilizing its decentralized identity protocol, Altverse enables users to create a single, secure, and portable digital identity that can be used across multiple games and platforms. This eliminates the need for multiple wallets and registrations and simplifies the gaming experience.

Enhancing Interoperability and Privacy

In the current gaming landscape, user data is often siloed within individual games and platforms, creating a fragmented ecosystem that can hinder growth and limit potential collaborations between projects.

Altverse's decentralized digital identity protocol enhances interoperability by seamlessly potentially allowing gamers to use their digital identities across various Web3 games and protocols.

This increased interoperability simplifies the user experience and promotes collaboration between different GameFi projects, fostering innovation and growth within the industry.

Additionally, Altverse's decentralized identity protocol enhances privacy by putting control of personal data back into the hands of users. Gamers can choose what information they share and with whom, ensuring that trusted parties only access their data and reducing the risk of data breaches and identity theft.

Cultivating Real, Verified Users (Gamifying User Growth and Retention)

The GameFi industry especially has faced criticism over the prevalence of bots and fake users, which can artificially inflate numbers and make it difficult for projects to accurately assess user engagement and growth. Altverse addresses this issue by providing a robust identity verification process that ensures users are confirmed, verified individuals.

The low percentage of active users — less than 2% DAU per chain — is a significant problem in the space. Source:

By cultivating a community of genuine gamers, Altverse helps GameFi projects attract and retain dedicated users eager to engage with the platform and its games. This promotes growth and enhances the overall gaming experience for all participants.

Altverse recognizes the importance of fun, engaging gameplay in attracting and retaining users. Its platform includes gamification features incentivizing users to participate actively in the GameFi ecosystem.

By rewarding users for actions such as referring friends, completing in-game objectives, and engaging with the community, Altverse encourages sustained participation and loyalty. This helps GameFi projects grow their user base and fosters a robust and engaged community that can drive further innovation and success within the industry.

Supporting GameFi Companies with Growth and User Retention

As a decentralized digital identity protocol explicitly designed for Web3 games and gamers, Altverse is uniquely positioned to support GameFi companies in their quest for growth and user retention.

By addressing the industry's key challenges, such as complicated onboarding experiences, lack of interoperability and privacy, and the prevalence of bots and fake users, Altverse provides a comprehensive solution that enhances the gaming experience for all participants.

Furthermore, Altverse's focus on gamification and user incentives ensures that the platform remains engaging and enjoyable for gamers, encouraging them to stay active within the GameFi ecosystem.

In addition to providing a robust digital identity protocol, Altverse actively collaborates with GameFi developers and studios to support integrating its platform into their projects. This collaboration ensures that Altverse's solutions are tailored to the specific needs of individual games and media, resulting in a seamless user experience and successful implementation.

By working closely with GameFi developers, Altverse can help them design and implement user-friendly onboarding experiences, create engaging gameplay elements, and develop privacy-focused features that enhance trust and security within their games.


Altverse is revolutionizing the GameFi space by providing a decentralized digital identity protocol that addresses the industry's core challenges. With its focus on simplifying onboarding experiences, enhancing interoperability and privacy, and promoting growth and user retention, Altverse is poised to become a key player in the future of gaming.

As more users discover the benefits of GameFi, such as play-to-earn opportunities and actual ownership of virtual goods, the industry is likely to experience significant growth and increased visibility. Altverse's platform facilitates this growth by providing the tools and infrastructure needed to support a thriving GameFi ecosystem.



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