Altverse Updates: New Quests, Events, and More!

Wame(formerly Altverse)
2 min readFeb 13, 2023


Altverse Updates for 2023–02–13

Altverse is a decentralized platform that allows users to create digital identities (DIDs) to transact and earn in Web3. We’re at over 4000 profiles created!

As the Altverse community continues to grow, we are excited to announce several updates to our platform.


We have added several new quests to our platform, giving users even more opportunities to level up their profiles and earn rewards. In the future, there will be quest lines available integrated with various platforms that Altverse partners with.

Those who reach Level 1 Alties will be eligible for special rewards and future benefits — including NFTs, raffled giveaways, and priority access to new features.

We have also updated Altverse Web3 Profiles to show relevant information such as ORBS, credentials, and role levels. Those that are participating in our ecosystem consistently can improve their competencies and role levels.

Create a digital profile that helps you earn in Web3!

Ongoing Events

To further engage with our growing community, we will be hosting events and calls where users can connect with one another, discuss the latest developments in the crypto space, and learn more about Altverse.

Altverse Community Call (Chance to Win $$)

Join our first OAT community call. We will discuss our Quest bot release, Altie levels, DID integration, and upcoming collaborations.

Listen in the Space Hall stage in Discord for at least 15 minutes to be eligible to claim the Altverse Community Call #1 OAT (see above).

For more details, check out our blog post:

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Wame(formerly Altverse)

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