Why We Need a “One Click Solution” to Web3

Wame(formerly Altverse)
3 min readJun 24, 2023

I am Jesse from Altverse!

A few months have passed since the inception of the Altverse project, an initiative that began with the ambition of facilitating fluid transactions for gig freelancers on Web3.

Throughout this period, Altverse has experienced a multitude of transformations, both internally and externally.

What does my identity in Web3 signify?

Within Web3, a new virtual persona can emerge that is detached from my physical identity. Whereas in the real world, I’m bound by rules and regulations and have to engage in financial activities to boost my income, in Web3, I’m presented with innovative and liberating methods of earning.

Our journey started with exploring this new digital ‘self’ through Web3 gamer profiles.

Altverse simplifies the process for Web3 enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with Metamask wallets, allowing them to create their profiles and actively participate in the ever-evolving Web3 ecosystem.

By contributing to a host of Web3 games and projects through Altverse, we aim to generate income in a decentralized manner, true to the Web3 ethos.

What is Altverse Gate?

To make this possible, we have introduced a Web3 participation platform called ‘GATE.’ Those with Altverse profiles can participate in all types of rewarding campaigns from the top Web3 games and studios.

GATE is a transparent, automated ecosystem consisting of smart contracts that can distribute rewards through ERC-20 tokens and NFTs across multiple blockchains, including BSC Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Klaytn.

Not only that, it really is the simplest way for Web3 companies to get in touch with verified users and for users to interact with the companies to get the best rewards through easy and fun tasks set by the campaigns!

Web3 Infrastructure for Trading and Interacting

Each Altverse profile features P2P escrow trading functionality via Altpay. Altpay enables all types of safe trading, whether game currencies, tokens, or items!

If another Web3 user stumbles upon my rare sword item within my profile, they can propose trades. I would then receive an alert on Discord regarding trade details and secure the deal if I were looking to sell.

We are only at the beginning of our journey with Altverse, and as previously announced, we have joined hands with Chainlink’s BUILD program and have established connections with over 260 global games.

We are continually broadening our collaborations with exciting Web3 projects across Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and beyond.

Are you seeking recognition for your unique value in Web3 amongst a sea of bots and counterfeit accounts? Are you looking for improved income opportunities backed by documented achievements and transaction records on the blockchain? Then, consider participating in Altverse Gate. With just a single profile creation, you can seize diverse Web3 opportunities. Join your favorite projects today.

Want to know more? Get started by creating your Altverse profile and becoming a part of GATE (https://gate.altverse.ai).

Homepage : www.altverse.ai
Discord : https://discord.gg/altverse
Twitter: https://twitter.com/altverseai



Wame(formerly Altverse)

✨Wame is your Web3 identity in which all of your experiences, skills, and competencies are aggregated to form your DID (Decentralized Digital Identity).